ESDES offers a complete internship program with a wide variety of options that you will see in the following table.

The number of options and diversity will increase and change according to the needs that the studentsdemonstrate.

In order to receive internship credit you need to complete a total of 75 hours.

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1.- Music Álvaro Calvo Assistant for the music department
2.- Yearbook Juan Antonio y Lisa Yearbook editor
3.- Primary school english teacher Ana M. Sava Teacher’s assistant
4.- Asist. Secret. Primary Isa Ramírez Secretary work
5.- Biology teacher María José López Biology- teacher’s assistant
6.- History teacher Darío S. y Enrique C. History- teacher’s assistant
7.- Administration Unknown Secretarial work
8.- Gardening Fernando Manual work
9.- Secondary school secretary M. José Fenor Secretarial work
10.- Counceling primary school Manolita Psicology and teaching
11.- Granovita Oscar Bel Food industry/manipulation
12.- Profesor de Español Juan Antonio Spanish- teacher’s assistant
13.- Chapelain Jonathan Bosqued Assistant to the Youth Pastor
14.- Educational counceling Unknown Psicology and teaching
15.- Radio and TV Pedro Torres Media
16.- ESDES Newspaper Chelo Editor/writer
17.- Theology english Juan Antonio English- teacher’s assistant
18.- Secundary school english Alina Damián English- teacher’s assistant
19.- Web administration Cristian Pancorbo Web development and promotion
20.-Arquitecture Juan Vicente Torres Assistant to aquitect
21.- Philosophy José Álvaro Philosophy- teacher’s assistant
22.- ADRA Juan Carlos Pulleiro Humanitarian services
23.- Heladería Venetta Lidia Cupertino Commerce
24.- Casa Nueva Alejandro Humanitarian services/Spanish teacher
25.- P. E. teacher Manuel Lillo Teacher’s assistant
26.- Sports Isaac García Sports department assistant
27.- Medicine Dr. Pedro Llorca Observation and assistance


Retirement Home Montearse (Teresa Oltra)
Veterinary Benifairó (Susana)
Equestrian School (Victoria Hierro)
International Business (Jonatán García)