Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official titles which demonstrate the level of competency and fluency of the Spanish language. They are given by the Cervantes Institute through the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports.

  • Spanish Diploma (Beginning Level) accredits linguistic competency sufficient for understanding and responding adequately in most basic situations of daily life so as to communicate desires and needs in simple ways.
  • Spanish Diploma (Intermediate Level) accredits linguistic competency sufficient for conversing in any given situation of daily life that doesn’t require specialized use of the language.
  • Spanish Diploma (Advanced Level) accredits linguistic competency necessary for conversing in situations that require an elevated use of the language and a knowledge of cultural habits

The University of Salamanca cooperates with the Cervantes Institute in the development of test models and the evaluation of the tests in order to obtain a Spanish Diploma.

ESDES prepares the students for this exam which is offered during the month of May.

More information is available at the following link:


Standard test

Assesses the skills of listening and reading as well as knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
It lasts 110 minutes: 50 minutes for listening; 60 minutes for reading comprehension and language skills.
It is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Questions and test instructions are in the same language as the proof.
It is divided into two sections: listening comprehension; reading comprehension and language skills.
Different tasks and types of questions arise. The tasks are based on the skills and activities required in the professional world. For example: – take note of phone messages, understanding notices, understand longer texts and correct errors in a text.
The organization that realizes the test provides the results.

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